In December 2007, Congress and President Bush passed the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (VGB). The law was inspired by the tragic drowning death of a seven year-old girl. It required that all public spas and pools install VGB-compliant drain covers.

Many people are living in 2011 today. public poolsYou still cannot meet the legal requirements.

“We know that, due to economic cutbacks, this is a difficult time for many public swimming pool operations,”Kevin Potucek is Hayward vice president for product management. “There are many facilities serving under-privileged children, senior citizens, physically or mentally disabled citizens or other worthy causes. For whatever reason, they are not yet compliant and are at risk of not opening this spring.”

For those whose budgets don’t allow them to make necessary changes, there are resources available. Hayward Pool Products is the largest producer of residential swimming pool equipment worldwide. “Safe Swimming Initiative”Public pools in communities facing budgetary problems may be able to receive assistance.

This initiative will last until July 1, or until $1,000,000 in Hayward Stratum VRS Products has been donated to public pools in crisis. Hayward will refer facility managers to registered installs.

Go to www.haywardpool.comClick on the “Hayward Pledges up to $1 Million for Pool Safety”Use the button. Public or non-profit organizations serving people with special needs or underprivileged will receive special consideration when deciding which products to be awarded.