You may not be a professional athlete but you still need pain relief. “Yes,””You say,” “active adults need ache and pain relief, too.”Ballroom dancing, horseback riding and bowling are all becoming more popular. These activities can also cause injury, just like football, basketball and soccer.

Active adults who are looking for work “non-physical”Therapy for your “non-traditional”Sports? Look no further. There are many pain relief options available. These include hot whirlpools, hot ointments and massage. W. F. Young, Inc., marketer of Absorbine Jr., a line of external analgesics products, recently introduced Absorbine Jr.

Ultra Strength Pain Relief Spray. The formula includes 12 percent natural mint oil and a proprietary blend if herbal extracts. This helps to ease pain in the joints, backaches, and arthritis.

Absorbine Jr. Ultra-Strength Pain Relieving spray is easy to use. The unique spray can be applied from any angle, even upsidedown. This makes it easy to use in difficult-to-reach places, which is a very useful design feature.

“All of our Absorbine Jr. products have an extremely loyal user base,”Jaime D. McKinley, spokesperson for W. F. Young, Inc. “New Absorbine Jr. Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Spray is the answer to customer requests for a strong, hands-free solution to their hard-to-reach areas of muscle and arthritis pain.”

You don’t need to be concerned about unpleasant medicated odors. You will love the light, pleasant fragrance of this non-drip, quick-drying liquid.

W. F. Young, Inc. will celebrate its 115th year anniversary in 2007. The company has more than 100 years of experience as a manufacturer and distributor of pain relief products for people. It started making veterinary drugs. You can find out more about the company, including its pain relief products.