It’s the season! Get out your holiday decorations and grab that sweater to get into the festive season of entertaining.

StarKist surveyed nearly 90% of people to find out if they are planning on cooking for holiday parties. Do not let your guard down this holiday season. There are simple, delicious and quick ways to make your holiday table memorable.

You are looking for a way that you can amaze your family and friends this holiday? These four ideas will make your holiday celebration a memorable one.

1. Explore Your Culinary Creativity — Over half of those surveyed stated they were interested in creating new holiday appetizers. You can escape the holiday grind and be inspired to add new flavors to your recipes using ingredients such as tuna. StarKist’s latest Gourmet SelectsLine of premium tuna fillets comes in seven flavor-forward versions, including low-sodium, which add culinary flair to everything from spring rolls and dips. It might be your new favorite holiday food.

2. Keep it simple — Make a list with pantry staples such as breadcrumbs, canned tomatoes and pumpkin. Also, make sure you have several options for other uses. It’s possible to create bold flavors using simple staple ingredients and save time in the kitchen.

3. Stay focused — You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get gourmet-quality ingredients. If you’re like the majority of survey respondents, then you’re familiar with the many cost-effective options the grocery store aisle has to offer. Center store products are great for cooking after the holidays, and can be used as side dishes or vegetables.

4. Taste is the best — Nearly all respondents said taste was more important than other factors (e.g. price, uniqueness) in deciding which holiday dish they would like to make. It doesn’t matter what holiday you choose, taste is the most important thing. It’s okay to choose the most delicious food, even if it is small. It’s a great way to show your loved ones you care.

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