You might think of the 1980s movies that showed you how to get in shape. They had you running up and down stairs, punching bags, and doing martial arts moves. If the movies were right, they would also show the hero sipping chocolate milk. Recovery time is equally important when working out or getting in shape. Exercise can cause micro-tears to muscle fibers. These muscles are repaired by the body, which makes them stronger than before. But muscle repair takes time. You can increase muscle damage if you exercise before your muscles heal. By repeatedly breaking down muscle, without giving it a chance for rebuilding, you can really sabotage your performance.

Your body will recover faster after exercising, which will make you more efficient and allow you to exercise at a higher intensity. These are some tips to improve muscle recovery and performance.

* Fuel your muscles. Muscle recovery begins right after a workout. Therefore, you need to give your body the nutrients it requires to rebuild muscle. After exercise, drink water and electrolytes. You can replenish your muscles’ glycogen energy reserves by exercising. You should eat protein within 2 hours of finishing your workout. One study found that those who consumed chocolate milk after exercising recovered faster than those who consumed a sports drink. This is likely due to the milk’s balanced of minerals, carbohydrates, and protein.

* Increase circulation. The more blood flowing to your body, the better.

The longer your legs are, the better. Stretching

Massage can help to release toxins. A pain-relieving liquid such as Absorbine Jr. may be an This natural herbal remedy provides temporary relief for muscle aches. It improves circulation and reduces pain.

* Rest. Aim for eight hours of rest each night to help your body heal. Similar to the previous point, allow your body to recover between workouts. Many athletes include one to two recovery days in their training program. During these days, they won’t exercise or do a low intensity activity like walking.