You may not be satisfied with the quality of your time with your children if you work in the workplace. Your heart might be right, but busy schedules can make it difficult to take the time to connect with your children and talk to them.

A recent survey found that nearly four out of four dads who work feel that their relationship with their kids is being negatively impacted by their job. These are some easy ways to make your relationship with your children more personal. These suggestions will help to ensure that communication between parents and children is as open as possible.

* Share a hobby. Sharing a hobby, whether it’s playing tennis or taking lessons in guitar, will give you and your child the opportunity to share something that you love, as well as catching up on each others lives.

* Get involved in school. Make a point to join the parents’ group at school and to meet all of your child’s teachers and develop one-on-one relationships with them. Lunch Mail, a small pop-open card with inspirational and humorous messages that you can tuck into your child’s lunch, is an extra boost for your child’s mood. You can purchase the entire Lunch Mail line at

* Ask their opinion. Children are expected to respect their elders’ opinions. Asking your child for their thoughts on a matter will make them feel more appreciated and appreciated.

* Schedule a family night. Spend one night per week with your family. You can forget about the TV and phone, and instead use this night to get connected with your family. Rotate who chooses the activity and decides what the dinner will be. This is a great way to have fun with your friends, regardless of whether you build a fort and/or play a boardgame.

* Use the dinner hour wisely. Family dinners are becoming more about doing their own thing rather than sharing the highlights and challenges of the day with one another. Spend an hour with your child while enjoying a delicious meal.