It is not surprising that Americans are able to optimize their immune system function by incorporating good bacteria into their diets.

Good bacteria can help strengthen your body’s defenses because stress, sleep deprivation, and a busy lifestyle can all cause disruptions to the immune system. Healthy bacteria is responsible for 70% of the immune system’s effectiveness.

The human gut contains approximately 400 different types of bacteria. That’s about 10 times the number of human cells.

Probiotics are also known as “friendly bacteria,”There are cultures of live organisms that can be consumed in sufficient amounts to provide health benefits. These include improving the balance in the intestinal microflora.

“Recent research has uncovered a great deal about how the microbes naturally colonizing our bodies can keep us well and how we can bolster these effects by consuming health-promoting bacteria called probiotics. A key to how microbes can help keep us healthy is their influence on the immune system,”Mary Ellen Sanders, Ph.D. is the executive director of International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Probiotics have been a part of European and Asian diets for years. A recent survey found that only 15% of American women know what probiotics are.

Probiotics are being introduced by some companies to America. Danon with DanActive is a probiotic dairy beverage that has been clinically proven to strengthen the body’s defenses.

DanActive is also known worldwide as Actimel. It has been sold in 35 different countries. Each day, 6 million bottles are consumed in the world.

DanActive contains 10,000,000 active cultures (L. casei Immunitas) in every serving. Different probiotic strains offer different benefits. DanActive contains L. casei immuneitas, which is only available from Dannon. It has been proven to survive stomach acids and reach the intestine intact to strengthen the defense system.

DanActive comes in convenient 3.3-ounce containers in four flavours: blueberry, strawberry, blueberry, and cranberry raspberry.

Online information is available about DanActive cultured milk drink and the list of retailers that sell it.