Celebrities and professional athletes alike have turned to celebrities to help them get in shape. Gunnar PetersonThree decades.

Gunnar began having hearing problems at work and at home. He did what he preached to his clients and bought a pair hearing aids. Gunnar is now a hearing loss advocate and offers the following tips for getting your hearing in order this fall.

* Be “present”With your hearing: Being present means paying attention to how your hearing is doing throughout the day. You may have a hearing loss if your family complains about the TV’s volume or you are the one who is complaining that everyone is talking too fast, this could be a sign that you need to get it fixed.

* Get your hearing checked: At least once a year, you go to the doctor for a physical, or to get your eyesight checked. How long ago was the last you had your hearing checked. Even if your hearing isn’t deteriorating right now, it’s worth going to the doctor to get a baseline so you can compare it in the future.

* Preserve your current hearing: Noise-induced hearing loss is a problem that is completely preventable. Protective hearing protection is necessary if you are exposed to a lot of noise. Protection is essential if you are prone to hearing loss, such as if you attend loud concerts or use your lawnmower for fun on weekends. You can’t get your hearing back if you lose it.

* Don’t brush off tinnitus: If you have an annoying ringing or buzzing in your ears, especially when it’s quiet, it may be tinnitus. Tinnitus is often accompanied by hearing loss. Don’t ignore it. Have it examined by a hearing professional.

Consider invisible hearing aids Phonak LyricThey do exist. They are invisible and can be worn in your ears for many months. Lyric is more effective than regular hearing aids in relieving tinnitus, according to a recent study. This is due to the 24-hour amplification.