Many opinions exist about autism spectrum disorder. This umbrella term refers to a variety of behavioral disorders that are characterized by impaired communication and social interaction. However, no one knows the real cause.

Is there a cause for autism? Although no one knows for certain, studies indicate that there are a variety of genetic, environmental and physiological factors. Scientists have now learned more about autism’s brain function, even though they still don’t know the exact cause. Study results have shown that the brains of autistic people may have lower levels of serotonin. It is a neurotransmitter essential for controlling mood and appetite.

If autism symptoms are caused or worsened in part by chemical brain reactions, drug therapy might be able to help.

One company, Cellceutix (www.cellceutix.comThis has been a significant step forward. Cellceutix, symbol CTIX in the stock exchange, became a publicly traded company in December 2007. George W. Evans, Krishna Menon, and Eli Lilly’s senior employees, founded the company. Cellceutix researchers induced autism symptoms in rat pups by injecting a compound called 5,7-dihydroxytyptamine into their forebrains four hours after their birth. Injecting the compound 5,7-dihydroxytyptamine into the rats’ forebrains caused anxiety and brain plasticity. This is the brain’s ability to learn new neural pathways and develop new ones. The rats also experienced decreased levels of serotonin in their cortex and hippocampus. Their brains were similar to autistic people, that is to say.

Cellceutix researchers administered KM-391 to the rats. Within 90 days, the rats had exhibited less abnormal behavior, higher cognitive abilities, and normal levels of serotonin. Cellceutix currently works to obtain FDA approval to continue human trials for KM-391.

While autism can be caused by many different factors, a compound such as KM-391 can improve the quality and life of those who have it. It can help them communicate and interact with others, as well as alleviate anxiety over change and repetitive behavior.

Autism is the most rapidly-growing developmental disorder among children. Autism affects 1 in 110 American children and 1 in 70 American boys. The promising research into drug therapy is one step towards understanding and treating this complex disorder.

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