“Eat fiber.”This advice is probably familiar to you. But if you’re like most Americans, your diet still falls short. Experts recommend that Americans consume between 25 and 30 grams of fiber daily, but the majority of Americans consume only 10 grams.

Many studies have shown that fiber (or the indigestible portion of plants) has many health benefits. Fiber helps promote normal digestion and naturally prevents constipation. People who want to lose weight should consider a high fiber diet. High-fiber foods are low in calories and fill the stomach with more fiber, which allows dieters to eat less.

There are two types of fiber. Water-soluble fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, beans, potatoes, carrots and barley. Water-soluble fiber is useful in controlling blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol.

Water-insoluble fiber traps water, and aids in food movement through the intestines. It is found in vegetables, wheat brans, corn brans, rice bran, and many other whole grains.

You need both kinds of fiber. Try to eat as many fruits, vegetables and legumes as you can throughout the day. For extra fiber, eat fruits and vegetables in their skins. For extra fiber, eat whole grains like brown rice, bran cereals or millet. There are also 100 percent whole-grain breads and pastas available at most supermarkets. You may still struggle to meet your fiber intake goals despite these changes. To help you get there, try a product with both soluble as well as insoluble fiber like Herbalife’s Active Fiber Complex.www.herbalife.comFibers can provide you with the greatest benefit.

These are some ways to get fiber in your diet

Try a whole Orange instead of your morning OJ. Fruit juices are often high in added sugars and almost always lack fiber. It is possible to get your daily fiber intake by switching between fruit juice and fruit.

– Eat raw vegetables. Raw vegetables such as celery, baby carrots and cauliflower florets can be dipped in black bean salsa or Hummus to increase fiber intake.

Buy whole-grain breads, pastas, and breads. To reap the health benefits of fiber, make your pasta salad using whole-grain pasta. Consider replacing white flour in baking cookies, muffins, and breads with whole-wheat pastry flour or whole wheat white flour.

It can be difficult to increase your fiber intake suddenly. So, gradually add high-fiber foods and lots of water into your diet.

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