Zippora Karaz should have been thrilled. The 21-year old ballerina, who had spent three years at the New York City Ballet was about to take the stage in Les Petits Riens in a special role. Karz was exhausted all the time, had a high level of thirst, frequent urination and developed ugly, raw sores under her arms. Karz would find out that she was suffering from Type 1 or juvenile diabetes.

Karz was passionate about dancing and was determined to continue her passion despite her illness. Karz didn’t have much time to take insulin or measure her sugar between performances at night and rehearsals.

Karz was incorrectly told that she had Type 2 Diabetes. This can be reversed by diet and exercise. Karz continued to dance while taking insulin. She became dangerously ill, dropping to 95 pounds at five feet six inches. She also battled stiffening and constant infections.

“I looked terrible and felt just as bad, but I was deluded enough, and determined enough, to decide never to go back on insulin, and I came up with any excuse I could think of except uncontrolled blood sugar for my worsening condition.” writes Karz in her book, “The Sugarless Plum: A Ballerina’s Triumph Over Diabetes,”(Harlequin; November 1, 2009, $22.95 US/$25.95 Canada; Hardcover

Karz was able to manage her diabetes and her career as an aspiring ballerina. Karz is now a dance teacher, a diabetes educator, and a spokesperson for the disease. “Never let anyone tell you that diabetes will stop you from doing what you love, but don’t — as I did — put your health at risk for the sake of achieving success,”She warns.

Karz has the following tips for diabetics as well as anyone suffering from a chronic condition.

* Find your passion. It doesn’t matter what your passion is, it will motivate you to be healthy.

* Take care of your body. Eat right — Karz emphasizes organic foods; get enough sleep.

* Find doctors you trust. Talking to your doctor should be easy. Good doctors will share any new developments and explain the best treatment protocols.

“I hope by telling my story that I have been able to encourage others to take responsibility for their health so that they can make good decisions about how to take care of themselves and live full, passionate, lives, even with serious conditions,” says Karz.

You can read Karz’s story in detail and get more tips by reading the book “The Sugarless Plum: A Ballerina’s Triumph Over Diabetes.”

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