The glittering technology was something that most of us did not expect. “The Jetsons”to make an appearance in real life — at least, not in this lifetime. However, an automated pizza maker that sounds suspiciously like Jane Jetson has been created. It’s an automated pizza shop.

Hungered eyes can see a machine make pizzas, without the need for a human operator, by simply pressing a button.

The Pizzametry Automatic Pizza Vending Machine measures approximately the same size as a soda dispenser. It takes just three and a-half minutes to prepare a fresh, eight inch personal pizza. The 24-hour pizza shop is clean and safe because no one touches the ingredients or the pizza.

“In New York City, it’s possible to find fresh pizza — good pizza — on just about every other city block,”John Kavazanjian, Pizzametry’s president/CEO, explains. “But what about the places where ‘pizza’ means pre-packaged, additive-heavy food from a freezer? Our automatic pizzerias can be installed in airports, army bases, hospitals, convenience stores, college dorms, roadside rest stops and beyond.”

It does seem like futuristic food preparation is finally here. Two students from Denmark’s Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design designed a raincoat that captures rainwater and turns it into pure drinking water.

A French baker also had an idea that was similar to Pizzametry’s founder Puzant Khatchadourian. The baker instead of creating a machine to make pizza, he created a machine to sell baguettes. The machine produces fresh, warm baguettes 24 hours a day, much like an automated pizza shop.

According to Alexei Muniak, Xnergy Financial, Pizzametry management believes that it will revolutionize fast-service, an investment banking firm specializing in capital structuringThis is for emerging growth businesses. Pizzametry was set up under the direction of Xnergy Financial to have the right structure for business success.

You can learn more about Pizzametry by visiting John Kavazanjian can be reached at [email protected]