Holiday travel season is in full swing and travelers are searching for the best way to enjoy their morning coffee while on the go.

There are major problems with most away-from-home coffee options. While hotel rooms have coffee makers that are inexpensive and easy to use, they can brew a poor cup of coffee. Although local cafes offer great coffee, the price of all those cups can add up. Although travel coffee presses are a convenient way to make your own coffee, they tend to be slow and produce a bitter tasting cup.

Travelers love the ease of being able brew coffee from anywhere they happen to be. There’s a way to do that, and it’s easy. The AeroPress Go coffee press can brew up to three cups of rich, smooth, and lower- acidic coffee than other travel presses. Add the ground coffee to water and stir well. Then press the button and you can enjoy a cup of hot brew or cold coffee in a matter of minutes.

AeroPress Go can be carried in its own container with lid. It can fit into a backpack, a suitcase, a desk, or with camping gear. It’s lightweight, compact, and durable making it easy to carry. You can wash it in just seconds by giving it a quick rinse.

AeroPress Go can make cold brew coffee, which is a huge advantage. This is possible because it can be used wherever hot water is unavailable. There is always water available, but it’s often difficult to heat it. The AeroPress Go is a new way to enjoy a smooth and rich cold brew of coffee. The AeroPress Go makes it easy to make cold brew with unheated water in just two minutes.

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