Holiday season is upon us, and that means classic movies from the past will be back. To “It’s a Wonderful Life”To “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,”Television movies can bring the holidays alive.

While you would love to sit in front of your TV every holiday season, it is not practical due to all the shopping, cooking, and socializing required. Travelers who will be hitting the road, rail, and sky this holiday season are not to be missed. With the holiday commute and the different time zones, who has time to live Rudolf’s adventures?

Digital video recorders can save your TV classics no matter where or what you do.

Since its inception in early 1990s, DVR technology has made TV viewing easier. These improvements include more storage space and dual-tuner functionality that allows independent viewing and recording on two televisions. This gives viewers the freedom to view what they want and when they want it without worrying about running out of space.

DISH Network’s ViP722, one of the most advanced DVRs, offers more memory space than any other DVR. The storage capacities are almost unlimited. Viewers can use both internal and external storage hard drives to load recordings onto external drives if the ViP722 has 350 hours of recorded data.

The DVR features like pause and the true 30-second skip are still available. There are also three tuners that can be used to record different shows. The electronic program guide allows viewers to set favorite programs to record up until nine days ahead of time.

Watch your holiday favorites on the DVR so you don’t miss them.

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