The holidays! You can either expect to have to wait in line at long stores in crowded malls for the same old gifts that will likely be returned or you could buy a cow.

Heifer International has alternative gift options that can end hunger worldwide. They help establish self-sustainable communities in which households get training and livestock, instead of receiving food handouts.

While they are honoring their loved ones through their gifts and making them feel special, donors buy more than just milk cows, water buffaloes goats, chickens, or even chickens. They support small-scale agricultural education and provide dignity for poor families.

“From Heifer’s training and the sale of our additional calves, I’ve been able to put food on my table, send my children to college and learn how to manage my finances better,”Arthur Neal, a member the Delta Livestock Enterprise, Tallulah (La.

The Thailand program of the non-profit established better agricultural methods for families whose traditional farming methods quickly depleted their land. People fled home in fear of starvation, and often turned to prostitution or drug addiction to get work.

“Today we can establish ourselves as a community,” said Amui Wazu, Thai villager. “And Heifer has introduced us to kitchen gardens, which have been our savior. We have vegetables year-round!”

Heifer International was founded by Dan West in 1944. It provides so-called “lifesaving” services to more than 45.3 millions people. “living loans.”

Farmers prepare for their animals’ arrival by holding training sessions, building sheds, and planting vegetables. Animals bring benefits such as milk, wool and draft power.

Families and communities pay back their debts “living loans”Donate one or more of their offspring to charity This “passing on the gift”Every donation that supports the whole Heifer mission, not just animal purchase, multiplies its impact.

Give a special gift this holiday season and share your vision of a world that doesn’t hunger.

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