– “Are we there yet?”

Ah, the familiar refrain that has endured the test of time. It is one that most parents find embarrassing while on a family road trip.

Consider this as you prepare for the start of summer 2018. According to a survey of 1,500 adults, 68 percent of Americans will likely go on vacation and 85 percent will travel by automobile.

Although some aspects of a road trip can be overwhelming, most travelers agree that getting there is half of the fun. 24% strongly agree and 45% somewhat.

You might be curious about what happens inside a car on a road trip.

NACS, the trade association representing convenience-stores, conducted a survey that revealed that passengers enjoy socializing. Just over 60% of passengers report they enjoy talking to other passengers, and nearly 80 percent say that listening to music, podcasts or audio books is their favorite activity.

But, it’s possible for disagreements to arise when it’s time for a break. It’s possible to find a solution at a convenience store.

Convenience stores are more than gas stations and bathrooms. There are many hot-meal options, such as pizza and hamburgers, along with customizable sandwiches, coffee and drinks. This allows drivers and passengers to find the right thing for them.

NACS survey results reveal that summer road trip breaks are a top reason for:

* Use the bathroom (96 percent).

* Get gas (95 percent).

* Buy food or drinks (91 percent).

“There’s only one place that can satisfy all three of the top reasons for stopping during a road trip: a convenience store,”Jeff Lenard is the NACS vice president for strategic industry initiatives.

“From restrooms and fuel pumps to indulgent snacks and healthy options, you can stop once and make everyone happy. And that can certainly make a road trip more fun.”

For safety reasons, it is important to take regular breaks on road trips.

Drivers require a place where they can stand up quickly and stretch out, or let someone else drive. The NACS survey shows that approximately 45 percent (45%) of road trip-related disagreements are caused by children arguing or fidgeting.

Convenience stores offer all the services you need for a long or short trip in a safe and predictable setting.

Convenience shops are easily accessible from major roads. There’s no need to struggle or lose time in finding your way to a new spot, as there are many services that can be found. Convenience shops offer well-lit, clean rest stops for single drivers as well as groups of friends, older adults, families with children, and older adults.

Visit convenience.org/Find out more about the convenience stores that are available and how they can make your summer road trip safe, fun, and comfortable.