As insurance premiums rise, more Americans delay seeking healthcare. People can live a healthier and more frugal life that helps to save money and prevent chronic disease.

Here are some ways Americans can increase their wealth and health:

– Start exercising. Exercise helps improve or prevent poor health regardless of your condition. Aerobic exercise increases circulation, boosts immunity, and releases feel-good hormones. Strength training results in better bone density.

Regular exercise makes financial sense. Walking and running are free, as well as many community pools. Americans could save money on medication and doctor bills by exercising for 30 minutes each day.

Stop smoking. Smoking is a costly addiction. Smoking is not only expensive per pack but also causes poor health and productivity.

The American Lung Association estimates that smoking costs the United States approximately $97.2 billion annually in lost productivity and health-care costs. Quitting smoking not only saves you money, but it also helps with later-life healthcare.

Be healthier. You don’t need to spend more to eat well. Some of the most nutritious foods are also some of the most affordable. Dried beans are a good example. They contain fiber and cholesterol-free protein. Skimmed milk is cheaper than steak. It is possible to cut down on the amount of meat you consume, as well as reduce dietary fats and cholesterol by skipping it once or twice per week.

Saving money can lead to a healthier body and financial portfolio. Americans who improve their physical and financial health can also ensure their financial future. A modest smoker who smokes one pack a day will spend on average $4.49 per day. A smoker who quits smoking and saves money on cigarettes will be able to keep $31.43 each week in his pocket.

You can also save the extra money to go towards your retirement. Some financial services let users save very small amounts at once. Saving 252 (Example)www.save252.comThe service allows users to save as little as one dollar per day for retirement. The service automatically transfers a certain amount of money to an IRA or savings account from a regular check account.

In other words, a smoker who uses Save252 transfers $4.49 every day that the financial markets remain open to a savings account will save $1,131.48 over the course of a year.