A luxury vacation can seem impossible in an economy that is struggling. However, some of the nation’s finest hotels are making it easier to attract new customers by offering specials and lower rates.

Gaylord Hotels. Gaylord Hotels is a luxury multi-property resort with resorts in Nashville, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Orlando. It offers stunning views, top-quality shopping and dining experiences, full-service accommodations, and world-class entertainment. The hotels also offer special event packages.

From $199, guests have the opportunity to explore the rich history of Washington DC and enjoy a unique experience at Washington’s new waterfront resort. Round-trip tickets for the resort’s exclusive shuttle service to Washington, D.C., are included. It stops at Union Station, the Old Post Office, and other destinations. Guests can then enjoy the resort’s four restaurants, Pose Ultra Lounge or Relache Spa as well as nightly entertainment and an all season pool. You can book this package now through August 31, 2009. Other great deals are also available.

Gaylord provides these tips to help travelers who want to have a little luxury but not break the bank.

Plan your meals well. Packages that offer breakfast are a good option. Look for family-friendly restaurants where children can eat free if you have kids. You can purchase lunch staples if your hotel room has one.

Save money for fine dinners Look for coupons and ask the front desk about discounts offered by nearby restaurants before making a reservation.

– Travel with family and friends. Many hotels and entertainment locations, like museums and theme parks, offer discounts for large groups.

Be smart about what you pack. Do not bring items that are not provided by the hotel, such as shampoos and soaps. You can bring water bottles that are refillable so you don’t have to buy new ones every time. A stroller is a great way to save money on renting a baby seat if you have a small child.

Call 301-965-2000 to reserve your vacation package or book online. www.gaylordnational.com.