It isn’t surprising that seniors these days are moving more than ever. Retired doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait for the phone call. You can go on social outings and travel with your family. What can you do to keep in touch?

It may seem as though everyone older than 12 years old has one. However, many people in the older generations still regard cell phones with suspicion. A lot of unnecessary features, complicated designs and confusing features are some of the reasons many parents don’t want a phone.

The Jitterbug makes it easy to buy your technophobic parent an affordable cell phone that will help them stay connected. The Jitterbug is a simple phone that meets the basic needs of low-tech users. “baby boomers and beyond,”Martin Harris, who was responsible for creating the first cell phone in 1973, co-designed it. Harris and Arlene Harris, a fellow Jitterbug creator, believe that older parents and their children should have peace of mind.

“When I invented the original cell phone, the intent was simply to connect with a person rather than a place,”Martin Harris. “Over the years, cell phones have become too complex. Jitterbug gets us back to how we envisioned cell phones at the start.”

Although the phone’s design is straightforward, there are two basic models that can be purchased to make sure the phone suits the user. Jitterbug Dial has a large keypad that looks like a regular cell phone. The OneTouch model allows you to push three buttons that reach a 24/7 operator, 911 emergency service, and a button that can customized to the number that your elderly parent calls most frequently. Call 1-866-681-7107 for more information or visit our website.