Winter brings not only snow, ice, and hunker down temperatures but also depression. More than 10 million Americans experience it. This is why a getaway to warm weather might be the best option to break up the monotony.

Winter is a busy season for travel, so the price tag on some vacations can make you gag. The ocean cruise is a great option, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

In order to quickly fill vacancies, cruise lines often work with vendors to negotiate lower prices and attract customers. This allows you to book a last minute cruise to save as much as 82% on the regular price.

There are some amazing deals available if you have a little flexibility in your travel schedule. Here are some vacation tips to help you decide whether a cruise is the right choice.

* Ask the experts. While it might seem odd to ask a travel agent about vacation planning, they are knowledgeable and have all the answers. A travel agent can assist you in selecting the right cruise ship and cabin as well as offer suggestions for sightseeing activities. They can provide you with a wealth of information that you might not otherwise be able to access.

* Use the Internet. If you want to save money on cruise ship tickets, the information superhighway will be your best friend. Many websites offer discounted cruise rates and cheap plane tickets that will get you to the dock where your ship departs. Houston-based Vacations To GoFor instance, a listing of more than 21,000 cruises is a hallmark of. A 90-Day Ticker is also available, which compiles the best markdowns for cruises departing within the next three month. It also negotiates special rates with military personnel, interline workers, and 55+ travelers.

* Do your research. Take into account where you want to go. Are you drawn to warm weather or cities and culture? Look for cruise lines that offer travel to the destination you have chosen. If you know your budget, you can jump on the best deal when it becomes available.

No matter where or when you go, planning a trip can be enough to put an end to winter blues.