November 400CP Is Missing“November 400CP Is Missing”
Anderson Harp

After lifting off from Kuala Lumpur’s international Airport, the PT Chevron Pacific Gulfstream heads towards the north. The oil-exploration crew has cause to celebrate: The newly discovered oil field, located outside of Minas, will be the largest in Indonesian history. The jet suddenly drops abruptly and then turns sharply to the west, following a route similar to that of a commercial airliner. . . And disappears.

Marine lieutenant colonel and D.A. Will Parker hears from the widow of a former Marine buddy. Her husband has died. Although the FBI and CIA can’t help but offer little assistance, Will cannot refuse this assignment. Buy at

Held in Slumber“Held in Slumber”
Angela Parish

Is it possible for you to find rest tonight? Gary, a high-school art teacher, is suffering from insomnia. Since Kelly disappeared, he has kept the fight alive for her ten-year-old sister. He discovers a dangerous link between the living and the dead, thanks to an experimental pill. This traps him in drug-induced dreams that corrupt his visions and makes it difficult for him to remember what actually happened. Are the clues enough?

An FBI agent tracks the trail of a serial killer and Gary dreams more intensely as he approaches. He uncovers more about Kelly’s disappearance than anyone could imagine. Order at

Three Groundbreaking Jewish Feminists“Three Groundbreaking Jewish Feminists”
Sharon Leder

Gerda, Susana Wald, a feminist Surrealist artist and Ruth W. Messinger, a women’s historian, are three of the most important secular Jews. They respond to conflict worldwide with Jewish universal value, from Nazi Holocaust to 21st Century genocides. The lives of these three women raise the question: Can simultaneous commitment be made to Jewish continuity and non-Jewish strangers in distress? They are a perfect example of how Jewish particularism can teach universalism.

This book will be of interest to Jews and non Jews alike. It shows how universal values are driving three women to make public their Jewish identity. Because they see the purpose and importance of Jewish life as alleviating suffering and inequity for all, it is a must-read. Get it at

The X Factor of Employee Engagement“The X Factor of Employee Engagement”
Demi Gray

Demi Gray spent much of her career studying what motivates employees and how they behave. This book will guide readers through six principles that are key to employee motivation. They include leadership influence, management support resources, appropriate resources, flexibility, autonomy, recognition, and proper compensation. This book is for leaders who are committed to creating healthy work environments and a supportive team environment.”

Says one reader, “The author has many valuable points and views to make about employee engagement, and why it is beneficial in the workplace. This book is a great tool for team building.” Purchase at

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