One airline is trying to ensure business travelers feel at home in the air.

Aer Lingus opened a lounge in Terminal 5 at JFK International Airport to extend its business class service. This lounge aims to provide warmth and hospitality to travellers even before they start their journeys. This space encourages relaxation and function, with oak floors accents, raindrop-shaped light fixtures, and pint glasses along the bar.

“You can see when you look through this lounge the Aer Lingus brand,” says Jack Foley, vice president North America for Aer Lingus. “You can see the Irish roots in it, but you can also see the functionality of a business trip in this lounge.”

A wide variety of amenities are available to business class customers as well as Gold Circle members and their guests. These amenities include a business centre with free Wi-Fi and a separate quiet area with chaise lounge-style seats. There are also revitalizing areas with everything from TVs to showers.

Customers can also dine pre-flight at this facility, which offers hot sandwiches, soups, and other food, as well as wine and spirits.

The lounge is located across from Gate 26 and offers a great view of the airport or historic TWA Flight Center. The lounge also features a wall that honors prominent Irish Americans like President John F. Kennedy or Georgia O’Keeffe.

Foley states that Aer Lingus moved from Terminal 5 to Terminal 5 less then two years ago. Citing it as one the “top 10 terminals in the world.”

“Now we have our own piece of Terminal 5, which really sets the brand apart,”He said.

Dublin, the airline’s headquarter, will have enhanced features for passengers. Aer Lingus Gold Circle Lounge in Terminal 2 is a relaxing space where guests can recharge. A shower area is available in the lounge for those who wish to relax before taking off.

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