Face masks are on the rise “new normal”To help stop the spread of the Covid-19 disease, here are some suggestions. Recent research has shown that single-layer cotton bandanas do not prevent virus transmission between people in close proximity if the virus is spread by coughing or sneezing.

Face masks are essential for protecting your family and yourself. Vietnam has had approximately 413 Covid-19-related deaths and only a few other cases. Nanotechnology, which is used in face masks that are worn by most of the population, may explain the low death rate and few cases.

The Vietnamese government supports the use of nanosilver fibers in multilayered cotton masks, which are widely manufactured in Vietnam. Nano-silver is antimicrobial and uses nanotechnology to prevent the spread small particles like the Covid-19 virus.

The US now offers the nano-silver material in Vietnamese masks. The same face masks are now available for purchase by U.S. citizens. nano-silver technologyBoomer Naturals, a US-based company that stocks Vietnamese masks, used them in their masks.

Boomer Naturals has a wide selection of face masks, some larger than others.

Boomer Naturals masks are made of three layers of 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester material. The unique three-layer construction filters air and reduces the transmission of potentially harmful airborne droplets.

The outer layer is water repellant (hydrophobic), and the middle layer has nano-silver fibres, which act as additional filters and fight bacteria. The moisture-wicking properties of the inner layer are located closest to the skin. This helps keep the space between the mouth and the skin dry and comfortable.

The face masks feature nano-silver fibers that are designed to combat bacteria and provide protection. Actually, Boomer NaturalsA recent agreement was reached to be the face-mask provider to a major chain of pharmacies.

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The nano-silver-infused material “provides a built-in filter,”Dr. Mary Clifton is an intern medicine doctor in New York City. Dr. Clifton insists on the added value of the nano-silver tech and how nanosilver infused face masks might be the most effective way for protecting the whole family.