It can be scary to witness a cardiac arrest. But don’t be afraid of taking action. Two simple steps can save your life.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), more than 350,000 heart attacks occur each year outside of a hospital. CPR is critical in the event of cardiac arrest. It can save a life or make a difference. CPR immediately can improve the chances of survival for cardiac arrest victims.

People still believe that CPR is mouth-to-mouth and requires chest compressions. They may not be willing to do it.

The effectiveness of Hands-Only CPR in cardiac arrests at home, work, and public places has been proven to be just as effective as conventional CPR in the initial few minutes before more advanced assistance arrives.

“By equipping people with Hands-Only CPR training, they learn how easy the technique is and there is a comfort level that will help them overcome concerns that cause hesitation to act in an emergency,”Raina Merchant, Chair American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care

Only two steps are needed to perform hands-free CPR.

Call 911 first.

– Second, push hard in the middle of the chest for the person suffering from cardiac arrest. How much pressure do you need to exert? At least 2 inches. How fast? It’s simple. It’s easy. Take, for example, the disco classic. “Stayin’ Alive”You can keep up the pace by using a similar pace. However, any other pace will work.

In a public service campaign, the American Heart Association partnered with Anthem Foundation, philanthropic arm Anthem, Inc., to help promote Hands-Only CPR’s lifesaving value. “The Power is in Your Hands,”To encourage everyone to learn HandsOnly CPR.

“Approximately 70 percent of cardiac arrests happen at home, and CPR can double or even triple chances of survival if performed immediately,”Shantanu Agrawal, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Anthem, Inc. “Together with the American Heart Association, the Anthem Foundation remains focused on working to increase the number of people who learn Hands-Only CPR. By providing greater access to training we can help increase the number of people who are prepared to respond in case of an emergency and for some, that could mean saving the life of someone they love.”

The American Heart Association has a 90 second livestream instructional video that demonstrates Hands-Only CPR. They also have a new CPR first aid app that anyone can get onto their smartphone.

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