Many companies realize that buying computers is only one thing. Using them is another. It is not easy to find the right software for your business.

However, some services permit companies to access important softwares – such as portals and customer relationship services. These services can be accessed on a pay-per use or subscription basis.

Software as a Service or SaaS is a service that helps middle-market companies save money on software. SaaS subscriptions help companies avoid having to buy new technology. SaaS services only require computers and internet access.

SaaS allows buyers to access software and license it as an Internet service. SaaS allows companies to access and license software as an Internet service. They don’t need to purchase, install, maintain, or support costly applications. SaaS providers provide updates from a central location that allows companies to always have the latest versions. The SaaS model has more potential than companies realize.

One company, EnterConnect, Inc. (www.enterconnect.comECNI (traded on the OTCBB) is one of the first Internet portal providers to adopt the SaaS model. Internet portals are Web sites that serve as starting points to browse the Internet. They can index other sites and offer e-mail and other communication services. EnterConnect, Inc. created a software service which allows companies to manage their content, collaborate and share information. The portal tools are simple to use and can be used on demand. This allows companies to improve their business management, boost productivity, and communicate effectively with customers, employees, partners, and customers. EnterConnect Inc. services make it easy for businesses to communicate and connect easily, securely, and at a cost-effective rate.

America’s economic woes are making it difficult for mid-sized companies to be more effective. They don’t need expensive software packages that have complex technological requirements. Innovative software services that are Web-based can help companies succeed.