Newspapers, magazines, and journals all have financial sections that contain the same advice: start saving for retirement today.

Americans are not getting the message. Around 83 percent of households earning $30,000 per year aren’t saving for retirement. Even those with higher incomes can have difficulty managing their savings.

Consumers are encouraged to live beyond their means by credit cards and mortgages that can be adjusted. Lifestyle choices, like lunches out and coffee breaks, or driving rather than walking, can lead to small but significant expenses.

Economists give sound advice: brown bag lunches; brew coffee at-home, carpool. But habit changes require willpower, which is a scarce resource.

When money hits the checking account, it is instantly available to pay rents, food bills, and health expenses.

What’s the solution? The solution is to get rid of the willpower factor that consumers have in saving.

Systematic investing and daily cost averaging are key. Consumers can save money for retirement by setting aside small amounts over a long period of time.

Daily cost averaging is now available to those who are unable or unwilling to save for retirement.

SAVE252, an internet service, allows clients to automatically transfer as little a dollar per day from their checking accounts into an IRA/savings account. Dollars can become nest eggs over time without the need for consumers to resist that afternoon latte.

Americans should also benefit from 401ks offered by their employers. People shouldn’t spend money they don’t have. A 401k plan takes savings out of paychecks before employees are paid.

Americans are discouraged from saving money by credit cards and commercials, as well as growing economic fear. Americans can still have their cake and retire by eliminating the willpower factor in their savings plans.

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