A picture is worth a thousand phrases, as the old saying goes. Anne Wilson, N.C.’s mother, captured a photograph of her late daughter Katherine. It was enough to inspire her to write a story that could be written in infinite words.

Wilson included the photo in the 2006 Photo of the Year Contest because he was moved by the photograph and so did his family and friends. “Lilly Oncology on Canvas”art competition, and was awarded first place in America. Eli Lilly and Company established the art competition to recognize the difficult journeys many go through when they are diagnosed with cancer.

“When we launched ‘Oncology on Canvas,’ we hoped to create a forum where those affected by cancer could express their hopes and fears,”Dr. Richard Gaynor was vice president of Lilly’s cancer research.

Katherine was diagnosed with lung cancer in her 23rd birthday. She is a non-smoker and began a long path of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. After six recurrences and five years, she finally died from her disease. Wilson’s photograph, titled “This is Not a Dress Rehearsal,”Katherine smilingly and her dad removing their hats to show their bald heads. Katherine’s is from her cancer treatment and her father’s is due to his sympathetic shaving.

“Katherine’s cancer diagnosis changed our family in unexpected ways,”Wilson. “From the earliest days, Katherine proved that she would not let this disease negatively impact the rest of her life. The photograph shows how much she believed that -; even in those days after first learning about her diagnosis.”

Wilson stated that her daughter made the most of every moment throughout her fight with cancer. She traveled the world with her friends, spoke at cancer centers, and even graduated from nursing school a few months prior to her death. Wilson accepted the $10,000 donation from the cancer charity of the choice to which she was presented with her first-place award. This donation was made to the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The 2008 competition is open to all residents of the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It is looking for entries in oil paintings, watercolors acrylics, photography and pastels. Submissions are due by June 30, 2008.

Find out how you can enter the 2008 Olympics. “Lilly Oncology on Canvas”For more information about the competition or to obtain a participant package, call 800-734-4131. www.LillyOncologyOnCanvas.com.