Companies are encouraged to think about the possibilities of legislation and activism. “green”Side to their business.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics

The report shows that environmental-related occupations will grow by 38 percent faster than all other occupations in 2016. The report “Current and Potential Green Jobs in the U.S. Economy,”According to the predictions, renewable power generation, retrofitting commercial and residential areas, and renewable transportation fuels will see the greatest growth in green jobs. Universities are integrating social, economic and environmental issues into their curriculums.

DeVry University is an example of one such institution. They have created several green-focused specializations in order to expand on their core programs. This includes business administration with a specialty in sustainability management and electronics technology with a focus in renewable energy.

“Education needs to reflect this trend for the future leaders who will build economic and technological capital while considering the impact on social and natural resources,”Jesus Fernandez is associate provost for curriculum, DeVry University. “DeVry University’s green curriculum adds focus on sustainability and environmental impact to the core business and electronics engineering technology degree programs.”

Fernandez has three major growth areas:

Sustainability Management

A new area of leadership is resource conservation, prevention of pollution and regulation to ensure that process and procedures are more efficient.

Sustainability. Students interested in sustainability management should look for courses that provide a solid foundation in business and management principles, while emphasizing green considerations and technologies.

Renewable Energy

The production, transmission, storage and distribution of sustainable energy sources (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass power) requires many skills similar to traditional energy fields.

DeVry University’s Renewable Energy specialization is an example of a strong engineering technology and electronics base that focuses on alternative power sources as well as the economics and sustainability of green engineering.

“Changing Skill”Occupations

Employees at all levels need to have a solid understanding of the green process because of the growing cultural shift toward environmental stewardship. You can now add green skills to your existing expertise as a student. Marketing, operations, finance, or management.

The pace of green job growth is outpacing total job growth and it won’t slow down. U.S. green jobs grew by 9.1 per cent between 1998-2007 with minimal government investment — nearly 150 percent more than total employment growth of 3.7 per cent during the same period. Employers will be expected to have a basic understanding of the issues that companies face in order to succeed. “green,”Graduates must be prepared for the changing environment. This site is for students interested in these fascinating careers and programs. www.devry.eduClick here for more information.