Billy Graham, a legendary spiritual adviser who preached to more people than any other religious leader, sees warning signs from current events.

“Depression today not only describes the hard economic state of affairs sweeping our world but the human state of mind,”Graham. “I see this unfolding phenomenon as one of the many storm clouds hovering over a lost and dying world.”

Graham has completely revised his book in order to help people deal with today’s economic, cultural, and political climates. “Storm Warning”this was first published in 1992 as a response to the fall Communism and the Gulf War.

“Trouble brewing in the Middle East especially heightened interest in what the Bible had to say about the end days,”Graham writes. “People began to wonder if there might really be something to the ancient prophecies spoken by God’s prophets, and confirmed by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

This is the new edition “Storm Warning”Graham offers his perspective on the post-9/11 global world. “We felt that in light of recent developments since 9/11 it might be helpful to reprint the book, bringing it up to date since the turn of the century,”Franklin, Graham’s son, writes in the book’s preface.

This book examines current events in relation to Biblical prophecy. “Scripture speaks of earthquakes, wars, and rumors of wars, and warns us with urgency to prepare for the storms to come,”Graham.

Graham believes God may cause storms, but He also provides shelter. “Just as a laser pen helps focus attention on vital aspects of a business presentation, in this book, I hope to use God’s Word -; His laser beam — to shed light on His revealed plan to save the human race from the explosive clouds rumbling through our world.”

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