The use of music festivals by bands has been an effective way to share social change. But now, they’re trying to go green.

Festival organizers are looking at ways to minimize their environmental impact. For example, the May 2009 OC Music Fest in Orange County (Calif.) will no longer sell paper tickets. Instead, only etickets will be able to get concert-goers through its gates. They’ll also find special recycling containers for trash, such as those for cardboard, plastic, and other waste materials.

Last year’s Bumbershoot Festival featured bags and totes made from banners from the previous year. The Spare the Air Festival in Orange County required artists to agree to use alternative fuels or public transportation for no less that 30 days following the event.

While organizers of music festivals may not be too vocal about their environmental concerns but they are evident at events where their concern can be seen.

Burning Man is a festival that takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Burning Man is described as “a festival that celebrates the human spirit.” “leave no trace”Event. Participants are required to leave their campsites in the same condition they found them. They should also take any trash they have accumulated with them. An environmental manager is part of the festival.

Outside Lands festival in San Francisco uses cups made of corn as napkins, plates, cups and utensils. These can be composted with leftovers. All over the festival, you will find recycling and composting bins.

The music industry was not considered environmentally friendly until recently. The carbon emissions from touring bands’ buses are approximately 150,000 tonnes annually. One mid-size venue can consume 470,000 cups, 200,000 napkins, 600 lights bulbs, and 24,000 plastic trash bags per year.

Many bands are embracing a greener sound as environmental awareness increases. Among them is DJ Skrilla, Olio, Fistfuls of Leaves, and Audible Mainframe. All four of them are vying to be part of the OC Music Fest in spring. OC Music Fest is seeking green-conscious artists. Visit for more information.