Shirley Feigenbaum was diagnosed as having a rare type of breast cancer. It looked like her future was bleak. “From the little that I heard of inflammatory breast cancer, which is what I had, the prognosis was very bad,” Feigenbaum said. “I did not expect to live more than three months.”

It was four years ago. Feigenbaum now credits clinical research as saving her life. Feigenbaum was willing to be a part of a clinical study to aid future generations in fighting the disease. She also helped to find a cure to her own illness.

Feigenbaum and others who are willing to take part in clinical trials are often called “Feigenbaums”. “everyday heroes”For their willingness to test new drugs or medical devices. For many, however, finding a clinical trial can seem overwhelming.

This is why the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation was created. www.SearchClinicalTrials.orgThe new online resource, SCT (Scan the Web), scans the Web to compile information and results from thousands clinical trials. Developed by CISCRP in collaboration with Fast Search & Transfer, a prominent search-technology developer, and ePharmaSolutions, a renowned clinical services provider, the free site helps users find clinical research information quickly and easily.

SCT bridges the gap between clinical research and patient recruitment.

“SCT’s centralized database gives users the tools they need to learn about clinical research and its role in the health of their family, their community and themselves,”Diane Simmons, President and CEO of CISCRP. “It is our hope that SCT will help visitors cut through the clutter of information about clinical research and find what they need to make informed decisions about clinical research participation.”

Easy-to-use features for SCT users will allow you to search for clinical trials by type of disease and geographical location. You can also get information about sponsors, phases, eligibility requirements, and status. The first step in starting a clinical trial search is to find online links to the most recent medical news.

“We believe SCT gives users a valuable tool for making informed decisions about clinical research,”Simmons stated. “CISCRP is delighted to make it available to the thousands of people who search the Internet everyday for news and information about clinical trials and clinical research participation.”

Pregnancy can be very exciting. There are so many things to do and so many appointments. Many expectant mothers worry so much about the baby that they neglect to take care of themselves.

Experts agree that prenatal vitamins are crucial for both mother and baby.

“During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes. She can experience things like fatigue, loss of appetite and an upset stomach, which can make it difficult to maintain the proper levels of essential nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy,”Jay M. Goldberg MD, FACOG, is an obstetrician based in Los Angeles.

Prenatal vitamins include DHA, an Omega-3 fat acid, and Folic acid. Prenatal vitamins are important ingredients that help moms to be soon have a healthy diet. They can also aid baby’s brain, eyes and central nervous system development.

It is important to know that vitamins do not work in the same way. There are alternatives. Vertical Pharmaceuticals LLC is responsible for the creation of the only prenatal vitamin with egg based DHA. OB Complete Gold. OB Complete gold contains OmEGGa DHA. This DHA is bio-efficient and can be found in the brain, eyes, and other body parts. OmEGGa DHA has a simple absorption and is easily absorbed by the body. It is distributed in simpler and more efficient ways.

OB Complete Gold is available in a small softgel. It can be taken only once daily. This comprehensive formula contains high-soluble forms of vitamins and minerals. It does not contain sugar, lactose, or gluten.

This vitamin supplement is small enough to be easily carried around in a compact package. It is designed to help busy moms keep track of their daily doses, provide helpful information, and offer discounts on refills. OB Complete gold is a prescription-prenatal vitamin. Ask your healthcare provider for a free trial.

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