The summer is almost here. Summer means vacations for many families.

This can be a busy time for organizations such as the Red Cross. Because wildfires and hurricanes are just some of the natural disasters that can strike during hot months. Today, terrorists are a constant threat. This makes it even more important to be prepared for any emergency.

The Red Cross started using the Immediate Response Information System to ensure that they are ready for all these challenges. TechRadium, an innovative Texas software company, created the IRIS in response to September 11. It ensures reliable communication in times of crisis. An authorized figure can quickly send a single message to thousands of people by just calling or e-mail.

IRIS will automatically deliver the message to the recipient via phone calls or faxes depending on their preferences. It doesn’t stop once every target is reached. If necessary, IRIS repeats phone calls and keeps a complete record. It is practically crashproof due to the fact that all contact information has been backed up at different locations throughout the country.

It works so well, in fact, that many organizations with wide communication needs have started using IRIS to make more routine announcements such as:

Schools that need to reach parents and students.

– Government agencies that have to give “first responders”Ensure you have up-to the minute information in an emergency

– Building managers that have more than 20 tenants.

ADT Fire/Safety (and Charleston Southern University) are strong believers in rapid communication along with the Red Cross. Although IRIS technology has only recently been developed, it can communicate voice or text in ten languages. These include English, Spanish Chinese, French German, Vietnamese, Japanese Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Vietnamese. All this without additional delay.

IRIS costs just pennies per call per day, which is surprising considering the cost of IRIS. It’s also the most cost-effective way to ensure quick, clear communication in an emergency situation or routine bulletin.

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