Lumbar degenerative disc disorder is a term that describes a common condition where spinal discs can cause back pain. It affects more that 30 percent of all adults between the ages of 30 and 60.

Traditional treatment for lumbar degenerative disk disorder was spinal fusion. This involves a surgical team using a bone transplant and hardware to fuse the two adjacent vertebrae. The theory behind spinal fusion is that it prevents the spine from moving, which can help to reduce back pain.

However, many people experience pain following spinal fusion. According to The New England Journal of Medicine fusion causes more complications than any other type of spinal surgery.

If the spine isn’t supported properly, fusion could fail. Metal screws are used by surgeons to support the spine as it fuses. However, metal can fracture. Stiffened spines can fracture.

Only 50 to 80 percent of spinal-fusion patients experience improvement, even in procedures that go according to plan. Doctors diagnose failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) if patients continue to experience pain after surgery.

It can be difficult to treat FBSS because it is sometimes hard to pinpoint the cause of the pain. The greater the likelihood of further surgery being successful, the more layers that have been fused.

Open surgery is not an option for arthroscopic procedures, like The Bonati Procedures. They are less invasive than traditional open and fusion surgeries. These procedures can be performed with greater precision and the smallest possible incision to correct FBSS. This allows for less tissue trauma and blood losses. The surgeon can communicate with patients throughout the surgery while they remain under local anesthesia.

Even patients who have suffered from damaged spine hardware can still experience relief. Surgeons can perform minimally invasive procedures to remove misdirected hardware without causing pain or scarring.

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