The military has been concerned for years that the over-reliance on prescription drugs was leading to addiction and other serious side effects. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the problem is most prevalent among veterans who returned from Iraq or Afghanistan, particularly those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. “inappropriate prescriptions”In a misguided effort to relieve suffering, they were given opioids.

The military is expanding its use alternative treatments such as chiropractic care to bring about change.

Actually, Dr. Robert D. Kerns (the national program director of pain management at VA) told the New York Times that the study was a success. “encourages”His department, as well as the Pentagon’s health system, was included. “to build on our existing initiatives.”

This would be a welcome development for the Congressional committees investigating last year’s Veterans Health Administration scandal.

“We have said for a long time that sending a veteran out of the door with a bagful of pills is not a solution,”Rep. Jeff Miller, R. Fla., stated that while investigating allegations that a Tomah Veterans Affairs Hospital was prescribing medication, he discovered the truth. “excessive dosages of opiates.”

As more research pours in, chiropractic careKeeps gaining support. An article published in the journal in 2013. “Spine,”According to a study, 73% of military members with acute back pain experienced a combination chiropractic manipulative and standard medical treatment. They rated their overall improvement as being “global”. “pain completely gone,” “much better”Or “moderately better.”

Only 17 percent of those who received standard care also said so in the same study.

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