Graduation is both an achievement and a start of a new phase in life. Graduation gifts should reflect the success of the graduate and also look forward.

PlaqueMaker Plus (, a Web site that people can visit to design their own gifts and plaques, signs, trophies, badges and awards, offers the following graduation gift ideas:

* A post-graduation kit. You can make a gift basket for a high school graduate that includes a bathrobe, gift cards for coffee or pizza, laundry hampers, and other items that are appropriate for dorm living. A college graduate should purchase something that is relevant to their career. A set of quality sketchbooks or pencils might be appreciated by an artist major, while a briefcase might be appreciated by a business major.

* Buy something for the graduate’s desk. For high school students, you can use all desk supplies for studying. College graduates have the option to place paperweights on their desk. An engraved pen holder is a unique addition to any desk. PlaqueMaker Plus makes custom engraving fast and simple. It includes a pen set with clock and a business card holder. PlaqueMaker Plus also offers custom desk plates.

* Commemorate the moment with a framed photograph. Every graduation is unique, so frame a photo of the event so that the graduate keeps it as a souvenir. PlaqueMaker Plus Clear Memories Line lets you engrave personal messages, such as poems, or embed a photograph in heirloom-quality Acrylic.

* Buy a book. A book with a heartfelt message can be a great gift for a graduate who needs a break from school. Dr. Seuss “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”This is why it is such a popular book. There are many books that can help graduates to survive on their terms, such as “The Joy of Cooking,”You can also find books that help with job hunting, such as “What Color Is Your Parachute”Richard Nelson Bolles