Twelve states in the United States now recognize Educational Testing Service (ETS). HiSETTo earn your high school equivalent certificate. This list will assist you in preparing for the future.

10. ETS hopes to eliminate any barriers that may prevent you from achieving your educational goals. The test is nearly half the price of the GED.

9. Your preparations come to an end with one test, but everyone has off days. You have the option to either take all of the tests in one sitting or spread them out over a longer period of time.

8. High quality preparation will make sure you’re prepared for your test day. ETS offers test takers free online study tips, practice tests and test prep.

7. The Spanish and English versions of the exam are available. Test takers can show their academic skills in the language that they feel most comfortable.

6. You can earn almost $10,000 more each year. According to the U.S. Department of Labor people who hold a certificate or diploma from high school earn more each year than those who don’t.

5. A high school diploma or certificate can help you earn more over the course of your life. This will give you and your family a better future.

4. ETS is an international non-profit organization whose mission it is to offer you access to high quality testing and support for your education growth.

3. Earning your high school diploma is enough to apply for college. Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce predicts that 2/3 of all American jobs will require some type of training or advanced education by 2018.

2. A career is more than just a job. Earning your high school certificate opens up more job opportunities, making it more likely that you will choose your own career path.

1. Your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. Recent test-takers reported that they felt a great sense of accomplishment knowing that they had overcome a difficult challenge they thought impossible.

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