Hemophilia is a rare blood disorder that causes blood to not clot properly. However, it can make it difficult for some people to stay healthy.

Hemophilia treatment can include home care and preventative care. Infusions of clotting factor that is normally found in blood can be given to patients to prevent excessive bleeding. This can help to prevent life-threatening episodes and permanent damage.

Regular self-infusions as a preventive measure are associated with lower joint problems due to excessive bleeding.

A recent study found that self-infusion of blood by 60 adults with blood disorders resulted in fewer joint problems. This was because the levels of blood clotting factors did not fall below 1 percent. If left untreated, joint problems can be debilitating and patients may not be able to do their daily routines, go to school, work, or even walk without assistance.

According to NCHS, a specialist pharmacy for blood-disorder sufferers, self-infusion has been reported by blood-disorder patient who feel more confident and in-dependent, as well as the fact that they enjoy infusing at home.

Patients may be motivated to follow the instructions if they have the option to infuse at their home.

“Working to improve non-adherence among patients who intentionally stop their medications or intentionally disregard their prescribers’ instructions can be more of a challenge than simply helping patients remember to take their meds,”According to a NCHS report. “But if you understand why patients are making these choices, you may have better results.”

Patients with chronic diseases such as blood disorders often fail to follow their prescribed medication.

* Concerns about the high cost of the medication.

* Concerns about the medication’s side effects and whether it’s necessary.

* Complexity of the treatment.

* Communication issues with doctors about the value and benefits of the medication.

NCHS, a network of service providers, can help patients live more independently by providing discreet home delivery services for medication, education, support and guidance. For patients to feel more confident with their home care, services include detailed explanations of medication dosing, storage, side effects and reimbursement.

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