It all happened because of a low-budget, scrappy film called “Rocky”Boxing received a new audience in cinemas, and boxing received a breath of fresh air. Is it possible to do the same with Mixed Martial Arts, a rapidly-growing industry? One filmmaker thinks so.

Imperia Entertainment, producers of the 2008 release, created a storyline that revolves around MMA and one man’s struggle to the top. “Never Submit”The key to success was authentic fight scenes. For this reason, they traveled to Dallas to work with Texas-based SUN Sports & Entertainment, a company that delivers high-energy MMA events to millions of fans worldwide.

SUN footage may be used in some of the fight scenes. “Art of War 3,”An official Pay-Perview event sanctioned the International Fighters Association. The plot of “Never Submit”The story centers around a 22-year-old Judo champ who is orphaned and begins training to enter an MMA competition. He hopes to follow his father’s footsteps.

“This was an incredible fight card, and one that MMA fans from around the world want to watch,”Kenneth Eade, Chairman, Imperia Entertainment, Inc. “We are looking forward to our upcoming film and looking for more strategic sponsorship and branding opportunities with the members of SUN.”

The film stars Ernie Hudson, Corey Sevier and many other talented actors. “Never Submit”Several real-life MMA fighters are also featured, including Ken Shamrock (the legendary star fighter). This story is a rags to riches tale that aims at capturing both current and new MMA fans. “Never Submit”Mixed Martial Arts, a rapidly-growing sport, may have a role to play in bringing it to the forefront.

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