Lifetime Television’s April movies are a time to reflect and renew. They feature a trio that includes an inspirational biography and two cautionary tales.

In “Robin Roberts Presents: Mahalia,”This documentary, which premiered on April 3, tells the story Mahalia Jackson, a gospel singing legend and civil right activist.

Jackson began singing at an early stage in church, and she went on to become a worldwide star. Her fame and popularity skyrocketed with the recording of “Move on Up a Little Higher.”Jackson performed in diverse settings to accommodate integrated audiences and supported the Civil Rights Movement by performing at rallies and the 1963 March on Washington, with Martin Luther King Jr. The film is directed by Tony® Award-winner Kenny Leon and stars Tony Award nominee, SAG and Grammy® Award winning actress Danielle Brooks as the gospel legend and civil rights trailblazer.

Lifetime’s April offerings turn to the dark side with a pair features created in partnership by T.D. Jakes is based on the popular “Seven Deadly Sins”Victoria Christopher Murray has published a series of books. “Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story”The film premiered on April 10, and tells the story Tiffanie (Keri Hilson), who is a young woman who plans to marry Damon Truvillion (Tobias Truvillion). Tiffanie begins to feel for Damon’s former friend Trey Babbs (Durrell ’Tank’ Babbs), and he appears as Damon’s best man. Trey, a fresh prisoner with a troubled past and unsavory motives, threatens to undermine the happy couple.

“Lust”It is followed by “Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story”April 17. Gabrielle Flores (Rose Rollins), has it all: a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and one the most respected PR companies in the country. But things become complicated for Gabrielle when she meets a half-sister that she never knew existed. Gabrielle, a single child raised in privileged circumstances, is delighted to have a sister. But Keisha (Serayah), who was born without any resources, becomes jealous of Gabrielle.

These movies are part of Broader Focus, a global initiative that supports and hires female writers, directors, and producers. Robin Roberts is an executive producer, as well as Linda Berman. “Mahalia”Danielle Brooks, the first co-executive producers, joins them. Shaun Robinson serves as executive producer. “Lust”And “Envy”Star Victoria’s directorial debut is in “Lust.”Both “Envy”And “Lust”They are based on the books of Victoria Christopher Murray.

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