It can be hard to resist sugar, especially as a child. Children today are often exposed to unhealthy eating habits and a sugary diet. Even though parents might not give their children sugary foods, there are steps you can take to help your child avoid sugar-related problems like obesity and dental disease.

* Monitor snacking choices. Reduce intake of empty-calorie foods like sugar-packed sweets. Instead, give healthy options such as fresh vegetables and fruits or low-fat yogurt that doesn’t contain added sugars.

* Beware of the juice box. Many fruit drinks are high in sugar and low in vitamins. Many contain less that 10 percent of fruit juice. You can find low- or even no-sugar alternatives or water for kids who are thirsty.

* Use oral care probiotics. Sugars will eventually make their way into young teeth. Include an oral care probiotic such as EvoraKids in your daily brushing and flossing routines.www.myevorakids.comThey should incorporate them into their daily oral hygiene routine. Probiotics for oral health work by infusing the mouth with beneficial bacteria. These bacteria adhere to teeth surfaces including the pits, fissures, and chewing surfaces. This leaves less room for sugar-feeding bacteria to grow.

* Involve children in meal-time planning and prep. To help your child learn the importance of healthy food choices, take advantage of meal prep. For children who enjoy hands-on activities, it can be a great idea to include them in the process.

* Keep a positive attitude. Recognize your child’s achievements when he makes healthy food choices. Recognize your child’s efforts by praising them verbally and rewarding them for making good food choices. When there is a positive response, the behavior will be repeated.

* Be a role model. The most important thing is to live by what you preach. Children learn from their parents. If you want to instill good behavior in your child, make sure that you incorporate the same principles into your daily actions. It can cause confusion in developing minds if you use words that are not consistent with your actions.