While you know that soda and sweets are bad for children’s teeths, have you ever thought about which foods are good for them?

These foods can help support healthy gums and teeth. These foods will be helpful when you pack lunches for your children.

* Look for vegetables high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for the formation of tooth enamel. You can pack baby carrots into children’s lunchboxes, or make sweet potato fries at home.

* Say “cheese.”Cheese balances the pH of the mouth and makes it less friendly to harmful bacteria. Calcium is also found in cheese. Cheese is high in salt and fat so be careful about how much you eat. Two domino pieces are enough to serve a serving of cheddar cheese.

* Snack on fruit. Vitamin C is great for your skin. But did you know it also benefits your gums? Healthy gums support healthy teeth. Make sure your children have enough vitamin C. Kiwis are the largest fruit in terms of vitamin C. Orange wedges, strawberries and apple slices are great options for green foods.

Good oral hygiene is essential!

Good oral hygiene is essential. Fluoridated toothpaste should be used twice daily to brush your children’s teeth. Floss at least once per day. Encourage them to drink water right after meals, since it will flush out food particles.

However, children don’t always brush their teeth as diligently as adults. Parents may give their children a routine for oral care.

EvoraKids, a probiotic (www.myevorakids.comTo help children’s oral hygiene habits improve, they can use the following: Probiotics for oral care flood the mouth with good bacteria. They adhere to the tooth surfaces including the pits and fissures. This makes it less likely that bad bacteria can grow. The probiotics can effectively compete against certain harmful bacteria by reaching areas where flossing and brushing are not possible.