The saying “You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar”This metaphor is better for human interactions than the sage advice on pest control — at least it’s a metaphor that gnats love vinegar.

In fact, apple cider vinegar can be used to make homemade anti-gnat recipes. One popular way to get rid of gnats is to set up bowls of apple cider vinegar all around your home. The vinegar attracts gnats, who try to drink it. However, they drown in the bowls. Mixing dish detergent and baking soda with apple cider vinegar can make it so that any gnats who drink the liquid are killed. It is important to keep gnats out of your home by checking potted plants for mold and quickly throwing away rotting fruits and trash.

The outside gnat problem is more difficult. Citronella candles may repel gnats. Low-pressure sodium lighting can be used to replace all outdoor lighting. This emits an orange glow that repels gnats. You can keep unwanted insects off your decks and porches with fine mesh fiberglass screens.

You can’t cover the entire planet with screens. You will eventually have to confront gnats outside, in an environment you can’t control. Then, you can turn to a liquid pain reliever.

Absorbine Jr. Absorbine Jr. is often approached by people who want to use their Pain Relieving Liquid to stop gnats swarming or biting. The unique smell of the liquid, which is made from natural menthol and absinthium oils, wormwood oil, and other herbal ingredients, may be what drives gnats away. It is being used by employees at supermarts and drugstores to drive gnats away.

“After watching Absorbine Jr. fly off the shelves, I decided to try it myself and was amazed. I don’t know what makes the product so effective, but the swarming gnats left me alone,”Susan Shinn Bussell was general merchandise/drug manger at Schnuck’s supermarket in Bettendorf.

This is how vinegar can help you catch more flies. You can repel them by using a product that reduces aches and pains. Aren’t gnats just another pain in the neck, after all?

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