According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu complications are responsible for approximately 200,000 Americans being hospitalized each year. However, people with diabetes type 1 and 2 are three times more likely than others to experience complications that could prove fatal. Prevention is the best option. Anyone with diabetes should seriously consider getting a flu shot this fall.

For those who do become sick, it is important to be prepared. This sick-day program is for diabetics who have a cold, a cough or the flu.

* Get plenty of sleep, and even when awake, do resting activities (reading, watching TV, online shopping) as long as you don’t find it stressful.

* “Feed a cold, starve a fever”This is not the advice to follow. You should eat plenty of healthy foods that are easy to digest like soups, sugar-free Jell O, and fruit juice mixed in water and yogurt. Your body will become dehydrated. blood sugarYou can lose weight by drinking one cup of sugar-free and caffeine-free liquid each hour.

* Medicine cabinets must go beyond a glucose meter and thermometer. Additionally, you must have

Kite-testing supplies, and the appropriate medication for flu symptoms.

“When suffering from a cough, cold or flu, it’s important for people with diabetes to treat their symptoms with medicine that doesn’t have a negative effect on their diabetes,”Debra Spector, registered nutritionist and certified dietitian.

“Most people don’t realize that cough syrups can contain up to 50 percent sugar, and cold and flu medicines may contain alcohol, both of which can raise one’s glucose, possibly to dangerous levels. Diabetic Tussin has been trusted by the medical community for years because it is sugar and alcohol-free, so it’s 100 percent safe for diabetics. It’s even recommended for those on a sodium or gluten-free diet,”Spector.

* Take your insulin and diabetes medicine on schedule, even if you experience nausea or haven’t eaten. Your blood glucose should be checked at least 4 times per day.

* If your symptoms worsen, contact your doctor. Get more information about medicine for diabetics, as well as additional advice on sick days and recipes.

The pace of life today is rapid. The rise of digital technology has allowed people to communicate with each other via the internet and simultaneously check their children’s soccer scores. Consumers can expect the same conveniences and benefits from all businesses, even their insurance companies, thanks to the internet age. Although 98 per cent of insurance claims are processed within 30 working days, it can be frustrating for those who have difficulty paying their medical bills.

It is no longer enough to be insured, as nearly two-thirds of American households have less income than 2002. It is vital to understand how fast your insurance company pays claims and how they process them. This is critical for both financial recovery and physical recovery.

According to a recent survey, 66% of workers would struggle to pay for the financial burdens associated with serious injuries and illnesses. Only 49% of workers have over $1,000 to pay out-of-pocket costs. Employers are being forced to take cost-saving measures due to rising health care costs, which is putting even more financial pressure on employees.

* Increasing employees’ health care insurance copayments.

* Increasing employees’ share of premium.

* Implementing high-deductible health plans with health savings accounts.

Some people might have to wait as long as a month to receive their insurance payments. Many insurance companies are able to offer fast service because they have better technology and an understanding of today’s consumer needs. This is one example. AflacIn the insurance industry, it is rare to find policies that allow for claims approval, processing, and payment within one day.

In the past, fast payment policies were a luxury. It’s a necessity. It’s vital to have funds readily available for serious illness or injury. You should ensure that your insurance company can move at your pace.

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