Are you a wine lover? Nature enthusiast? Both! You can make the most of both Argentina and Chile’s incredible biodiversity and exquisite wines. These two countries share the Andes, the world’s longest natural border. These mountains connect many ecosystems and offer a unique geographic experience. You will find many opportunities to see rare or native birds, and you can also visit wineries and vineyards. Every day is amazing because of the incredible wildlife and plants that fill our senses.

Mendoza is one example. There are many delicious olives, fruits, and cheeses here. But it’s all about the wine. Imagine yourself tasting Argentine Malbec and Pinot Noir at 4,250 feet high in the foothills the Andes. A huge condor from Andes may be visible flying overhead.

East of Mendoza lies the Monte Desert, a vast scrub plain that is home to unique crested and sand gallitos, Steinbach’s canastero, as well as the cinnamon warbling-finch.

On the other side of the Andes from Mendoza lies Chile’s Maipo Valley, famed for its Cabernet Sauvignons and Carméneres. Explore the beautiful landscapes of Chile as you seek out its unique wines and satisfy your naturalist instincts. Concha y Toro is home to some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon in the New World. Explore its mythic Casillero del Diablo, or Devil’s Cellar. Legend has it that there was once a landlord who believed that the Devil himself could be seen in the cellar. This legend saved his wine collection from theft and created one of the most legendary stories in the world of wine.

Chile’s Colchagua Valley is worth a visit. Its name comes from colcahuala (a Mapuche word). “nesting place of the sacred Huala bird.”These premium wines are ready for exploration and tasting.

Altos de Lircay Nature Reserve is home to woodland birds like owls, woodpeckers, and hawks. Also, look out for the white-throated treerunner, and the quasi-endemic, chestnut-throated huett-huet.

Patagonia is further south and will show you why it’s a great spot for whale watching, hiking, and horseback riding.

This region is full of natural beauty — lush landscapes along deserted coasts and deserts, as well as a protected breeding colony with Humboldt penguins. Santiago and Buenos Aires are two of the highlights of this journey.

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