Gifts are often forgotten or discarded in this age and age. “new thing”It can be difficult to choose meaningful gifts as soon as they are unwrapped. However, a gift of experience will last a lifetime. A musical education is one of the most meaningful experiences.

Most people wish they could play an instrument. A Gallup poll by NAMM in 2009 found that 85 percent of Americans who don’t play musical instruments would like to.

No wonder. Music is a great way to express yourself. Study after study has shown that music can also be a therapeutic tool. Children who sing to music are happier, more content and feel better than other babies. Music education can be beneficial for schoolchildren in improving their performance in other subjects. One study found that children who had received one year of musical education had better memory. Art programs can help children improve their problem-solving abilities and critical-thinking skills.

Music’s benefits don’t diminish with age. Music can help teens and adolescents cope with peer pressure and substance abuse, academic stress, loss, and other challenges.

Music can help anyone, even boomers over the age of 45. Music can help workers reduce stress and depression. Music can be a social and recreational outlet, as well as improving health and wellbeing for seniors.

What’s the best way for someone to gift the gift of music? NAMM recommends purchasing a musical instrument. This gift will bring you joy for a lifetime. Arranging lessons in music is another thoughtful gift. A gift certificate for music lessons can be purchased in place of or together with a musical instrument. The Lesson Locator is a searchable database that allows you to locate music lessons in your area.