Making memorable holiday stockings should be fun for everyone. After the big presents are done, it’s easy to stuff stockings.

Stockings make a wonderful way to give small and creative gifts. Do not limit your creativity by thinking only in a small box with sock feet. You can make sentimental, thoughtful, and pocket-sized items. perfect stocking stuffers.

Stockings can be filled with mobile phone accessories, dvds, DVDs and framed photos. Shop at Dollar General to save money on stocking stuffers

Dollar General has a large selection of stocking stuffers that will fit perfectly into your budget. You can also find holiday items for as low as a dollar.

These are some helpful tips for creating a fun stocking.

1. Enjoy discounts Discount stores offer a wide range of items, including fun items for children. Dollar General sells stockings, candles and pens and pencils as well notepads, cards, and other toys starting at $1. There are many options for teens and young adults, including arts and crafts, crayons, makeup, lotion, digital cameras and chocolate.

2. Stick to a theme. You don’t need to be creative when it comes holiday gift-giving. Instead, think of stocking themes that you might like. Do your 12-year-olds love wildlife, books, and sports? Maybe your son loves videogames, or your daughter loves dance. You can probably find a hobby or an interest to use as a base for your stocking. Once you’ve established a theme or a pattern, it’s easier to find gifts that your family will enjoy.

3. One big gift that is sure to please. Save one of your home-run gifts each family member to put in their stocking. It doesn’t need be expensive or large, just something that you know they will love. A nice piece of jewelry or a tech gadget might be the best gift. You can still create a memorable stocking by spending a little more on one gift but getting a lot of other goodies at great prices.