Shopping for holiday gifts is overwhelming, it’s not surprising.

A cardboard box is the answer to the stress of thoughtful gift-giving.


Subscriber box services are a popular option for a “gift that keeps on giving,”Every month, a safe and personal experience is provided.

According to a paper and packaging board survey, 82 percent of respondents agreed that corrugated cardboard boxes could be used to ship their merchandise safely and efficiently. 60% feel that products packaged in paper-packaging feel better.

These boxes can delight long after delivery thanks to innovative box and packaging design. They also have extended use and recycling options.

These are our top picks for the perfect gift to give your loved ones this holiday season:

* KiwiCo (

For the Kid Who Is Going To Run the World.

KiwiCo offers monthly STEAM educational handson activities and projects to stimulate curiosity and creativity among children aged 0-16 years.

Each eco-friendly corrugated cardboard box contains interactive projects that are appropriate for each age group. The boxes can grow with your child or loved one.

* Loot Crate ( For the Pop-Culture Obsessed.

Loot Crate, a subscription box that focuses on pop culture and features a changing monthly theme to cover all fandoms, is called Loot Crate.

These boxes are perfect for any interest, from movies and television to video games. Loot Crate has an additional perk. The box is part the monthly theme, which means that it can transform into a “bonus”Give a gift with some simple cuts or folds. To truly believe it, you must see it.

* Graze ( – For the Foodie.

Graze is an subscription box that provides healthy snacks using high-quality ingredients. Graze’s products are packaged in responsibly-sourced paper-based containers to keep them fresh and safe.

Foodies can subscribe to personalized Graze boxes, which are delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly based on their snack profile.

*KitNipBox ( For the Cat Lover.

KitNipBox is unique in that it’s designed to be enjoyed by cats and their owners. Each month, KitNipBox offers something new, exciting and different to look forward too. The box can be reused and is designed to fit 95% of cats.

KitNipBox also uses specially-designed crinkling tissue paper inside the boxes so that unwrapping is even more memorable for both cats and owners.

* Cratejoy (

For everyone.

Cratejoy is the premier subscription box site in the world, offering a global market for products.

Cratejoy has a wide selection of unique corrugated boxes that are suited for almost any hobby, interest, or taste.

It’s easy to gift a subscription box service as a thoughtful and thoughtful gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Enjoy a memorable holiday season with Unbox! Learn more at

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