Small businesses are a great way to create jobs and move cash around the community, which can help promote economic security and health. However, entrepreneurs need to raise capital in order to start new businesses. This can be difficult for minority-owned businesses. Fortunately, there are programs that can help entrepreneurs break the glass piggy bank.

A new software system is quickly becoming popular with minorities entrepreneurs. “Financial Architect,”It helps business owners raise capital. Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA), an investment banking advisory firm, has locations across the U.S. and internationally. Its operations center can be found in Chicago, while its administrative offices can be found in Harbor Springs in Michigan. Since its inception, the firm has offered traditional investment advisory services to both public and private businesses since 1998. The firm now offers “Financial Architect,”A program it describes as “a system and method of reducing the cost of raising capital.”

The system also includes an electronic book entitled “The Secrets of Wall Street -; Raising Capital for Start-up and Early-Stage Companies.”The e-book includes all the information entrepreneurs need to successfully raise capital through the issuance and management of securities.

“Financial Architect”This saves business owners more than 90 percent on traditional capital-raising expenses and gives entrepreneurs with cash constraints a chance to fund their dreams.

“Recently we purchased the e-book and Regulation D packages,” said Sonya C. Johnson, president of Vision’s Sown, an long-standing vegan baking company. “We are elated to commit to this process long-term and to know that the false romances [are] behind us now.”

Other CEOs have had similar experiences. Connie Kelly is the president and CEO at TelState International Corporation. This Web development and marketing company provides services to customers. Financial Architect documents were helpful for Kelly. “phenomenally valuable.”David Spigner is the CEO of Boda Borg Corporation. He used financial Architect information to raise 500,000.

Visit this page to download an abbreviated version of the ebook for your own review www.CommonwealthCapital.comEnter code 1492