It takes a lot of skill to manage a business or own it. It is especially challenging in difficult economic times such as today, when you need to tango while all you know is the conga and limbo.

Small business owners may have already cut excess spending and eliminated unnecessary spending. Business experts suggest that you also maintain a good relationship with your existing customers, as well as forming new partnerships.

However, this is a difficult task for businesses to accomplish, especially in times of budget cuts. Smart businesses understand how to get work done quickly, with flexibility, and at a manageable price. They tap the thousands of professional freelancers available at

Online freelancers, or “elancers”These are professionals who have expertise in Web programming, design, copywriting and other specialized areas. Elance allows you to find, hire, and work with talent that small businesses don’t often have.

Here are some ways that elancers can assist small businesses in uncertain economic times.

Connect with key customers Connect with your most important customers. You can hire elancers for customers to thank and to create customer surveys. They can also design and implement direct mail campaigns and develop special promotional offers to increase loyalty.

Sharpen Your Marketing and Sales Skills. Invest in new customers. Hire an e-lancer for rewriting your marketing materials, redesigning or upgrading your website, helping you to launch a blog, create and execute an online campaign, qualifying sales leads, or updating your customer newsletter.

Maximize employee productivity We all know that distractions can cause your best employees to be less productive. Your employees should be empowered to delegate specific tasks to experts. An ideal task to delegate to an online freelancer is to organize employee or customer events and perform competitive research.

– Elancing With the Stars. Elance is a flexible and affordable way for business owners to revitalize their businesses. You can easily scale up and down using elancers.

The best part is that these stars can be reached at any hour to assist small businesses and keep them ahead of the game.

That’s something that is worth celebrating.