Home stairlifts are increasingly in demand as the United States population ages. A stairlift allows older adults with difficulty climbing stairs to stay at home and maintain their independence.

Stairlifts of today are quiet, inexpensive, and easy to install without causing structural damage to your home. These questions will help you make the best decision when buying a stairlift.

* Does it fit? You should consider a variety of options for stairlifts to fit straight, curved and outdoor staircases. You should look for stairlifts made of modular components that can be quickly and easily installed with minimal disruption to the home.

* Can you get good customer service after the installation? You should find out about the company’s policies for maintenance and follow-up. Companies that respond quickly to your questions and concerns seven days a week are the best. It’s best to purchase directly from the manufacturer whenever possible.

* What are the safety features? The latest technology for the best stairlifts, such a those manufactured by Acorn StairliftsSafety features include sensors on the foot platform which will prevent the lift from being activated. Ask if the stairlift comes with safety belts and locks that allow for easy access to the top and bottom.

* Is it easy to use? You should consider who will be using the stairs. Models with touch controls that are easy to use for people with arthritis, limited manual dexterity or other disabilities should be considered. It is important to think about remote control options so family members and other people can operate the stairlift.

* Is there a long wait to order/install the stairlift? The modular design of stairlift technology is available from companies that can respond quickly to orders and install a staircase in hours instead of weeks.

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