Finding the right doctorYou can live a happier life or make a difference in your life.

However, until now consumers have not been able to access the information they need to find the right doctor. Americans usually find their doctor by word of mouth. This could be from family members, friends, or even their insurance company. These references can be subjective and may only provide a snapshot of one doctor, which may or may not be right for you.

“The Internet has dramatically changed how people get important information and make connections. Just look at the popularity of sites like Zillow and But unlike shopping for a house or vacation, detailed information about physicians and hospitals hasn’t been easy to use for decision-making,”Roger Holstein, CEO of Healthgrades, said:

This is about to change. The first time consumers will be able to search for doctors on the basis of information physicians believe is the most important: the doctor’s experience, the hospital where they work, and the satisfaction of patients. provides a new search interface that is free.

According to a Harris Interactive study, 90 percent of respondents said that they would make a better decision when choosing a doctor if they had more information about the doctors in their insurance plans.

“Knowing if a doctor diagnoses a particular condition or performs a procedure is critical to understanding their experience in treating patients like you — which can influence the quality of care you receive,” says Archelle Georgiou, MD, a healthcare advisor. “If you are searching for a doctor, Healthgrades should be your first stop.”

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